Justin Breton

Currently graduated from Université of Sherbrooke in Electrical Engineering, I am passionate about embedded systems and software programming. I was involved during my university studies in the group VAMUdeS (Véhicule Aérien Miniature de l’Université de Sherbrooke), where I was responsible for the development of embedded software, peripheral control systems and graphical interfaces. The results of these new systems led to the First Place Award at the AUVSI SUAS competition in 2018. Also, I have been selected to be the Team Captain of the team during my last two years within the group. Apart from my studies, I enjoy the outdoors and I participate in many sports and activities including skiing, mountain biking, climbing and hiking. I have participated in two triathlons in the past years and I am very proud of my achievements.

What I Do


I love to innovate in the field of new technologies to help solve problems applicable in the real world. I am still gaining knowledge from my internship and academic courses, in which I have an avid interest to build new systems that will help the future live in a more safe, clean and happy place.

Embedded Software Developpement

I enjoy developing embedded systems for fun and for the student group I am involved since the beginning of my studies. I had the chance to build several solutions using different tools such as Arduino, Qt, PSoC, Raspberry Pi and TI Launchpad.

PCB Design

I had the chance to design several PCB during my internships and years of implications in the student group VAMUdeS. I enjoy building new project that includes both hardware and software. I had the chance to design a PCB for integrated circuits test during my second internship. I also designed two PCB for the aircraft we use in the student group VAMUdeS.


As much as I love to work on embedded software and develop new systems, I am also a sports enthusiast, from training in the gym to hiking the biggest mountains! I travelled to several destinations in the search of the highest mountains and the deepest snow.

Justin Breton triathlon XTERRA Bromont

VAMUdeS UdeS team

Companies and Groups I Worked for