• June 2018

The VAMUdeS team an I participated at the international UAV competition AUVSI SUAS at St Marys City, Maryland. After a full year of work building a brand new flight platform, the team finished first in the overall ranking, winning the competition for a third year in a row.

The competition consisted of flying a UAV autonomously over a large area while avoiding static and dynamic obstacles and identifying targets on the ground while flying.

There were three phases to the competition, the first was a technical design paper, explaining the team's strategy to execute the mission. The second was a flight readiness review, explaining how the UAV and its subsystem, and how the team made sure they are safe and reliable to fly. The third but not least was the demonstration, where the team went to Maryland for a 5 days and flew its aircraft.

AUVSI SUAS 2018 : Flight Readiness Review, Technical Design Paper, Photos